Stop the Proposed Bike Ban in Its Tracks

Bike lane next to a road

In case you haven’t heard by now, there’s a nasty anti-bike ban in the works in Missouri, courtesy of High Hill, MO, Representative Bart Korman. The draft bill would “ban bicycles on any state road within two miles of a state-owned path or trail,” according to MoBikeFed. This means, essentially, no bicycling on Stadium/Providence/Rangeline/College or Route K—and, therefore, no more Big Tree Loop. You can read the full text of the proposed new law here, courtesy of MoBikeFed.

So how can you help?

The most important thing you can do, according to Brent Hugh of MoBikeFed, is contact your Missouri Representative and urge him or her to oppose the bill. You can do this in two minutes by doing the following:

  1. Look up your Missouri State Representative’s contact information here.
  2. Send your Representative a message, or give him/her a brief call, based on the sample message below (from MoBikeFed).
  3. Main point of the message: Please oppose and do not co-sponsor Rep. Bart Korman’s bicycle ban bill.

Note: We have copied the following sample e-mail message from MoBikeFed:

Subject: Please oppose Rep. Korman’s bicycle ban bill
Representative X,
I am a constituent of yours, and I live in XXXX. (If you happen to know your legislator or have met him/her, you might mention that, or any connection you have with your legislator.)
I am writing today about a draft bill that Rep. Bart Korman of High Hill is circulating, calling for bicycles to be banned on state roads when there is a state-owned path or trail within two miles.
Please strongly oppose this bill, and please do not co-sponsor it.
[A short message is often most effective—so you don’t need to include anything more unless you want to. But if you want to expand a little, include a short personal story about why bicycling is important to you, or briefly mention one or two of the talking points mentioned below, in a personal way.]
Thank you for listening—and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about bicycle-related legislation or issues in our district.
Sincerely yours,


MoBikeFed asks that you also please CC: or BCC: to help the organization know how many of its supporters are contacting their legislators.

For more information, read the full Advocacy Alert from MoBikeFed.


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