Mike Best

Photo of Mike Best

Mike started his cycling endeavors at the tender age of 13 when he completed RAGBRAI on a borrowed bike, Chuck Taylors, and Umbro shorts. He continues to pursue his passion for two wheels by searching for hidden single-tract in mid-MO, racing CX and MTB in the region, and traveling to remote trails when he can. The sole entity behind BOCOMO Bikes, Mike fills his free time by building custom steel creations in his basement.

Pam Hinton

Photo of Pam on her bike at a cross race

Dr. Pam Hinton has a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and a doctoral degree in Nutritional Sciences, both from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She did postdoctoral training at Cornell University and is now an associate professor of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri–Columbia where she teaches Sports Nutrition and studies the effects of energy balance on bone health. She has published on the effects of cycling and stage-racing on bone health.

Pam was an All-American in track while at the UW and a member of the 4×1500m relay team that held the American record from 1990–2006. She started cycling competitively in 2003 and between 2004–2006 raced NRC stage races—Redlands, Joe Martin, Nature Valley, Tour de Toona, Philly, and Bermuda Grand Prix.

Lawrence Simonson

Photo of LarryLawrence Simonson is a graduate of Kansas State with degrees in human nutrition, dietetics, and exercise science. When he isn’t racing for Walt’s cycling team, he’s racing after his two-year-old son, Liam, and hanging out with his wife, Dana.

Michelle Windmoeller

Photo of Michelle dragging a home-made tiki bar through the mud

I will have fun, dammit!

Michelle Windmoeller walked up to her house one day in 1977 and saw a used gold bicycle with a yellow banana seat just waiting to help her start the adventures. Since then she’s rocked a blue Schwinn Collegiate 3-speed, a red Panasonic Villager, various cheapo beaters, and now runs a fleet that includes a rare, handmade, absolutely perfect BoCoMo steel cross bike.

A long-time bicycle commuter, she didn’t get into competitive cycling until 2010 but now enjoys being dropped on road rides, crits, cyclocross, and mountain bikes.

Michelle is happily married to Steve, who shares her bike obsession. She has two teenage children and owns Blue Cypress Solutions, a web writing content and curation business here in Columbia, MO.

The PooBah

The PooBah enjoys pina coladas and long walks on the beach with the GEEC (a.k.a. the Good Egg and Editor-in-Chief) and the COMO CYCO Dog.

Webmaster: Tina Roselle


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